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Ashtead Explorers Visit Poland

This year Ashtead Explorers visited Poland staying in Youth Hostels in both Krakow and Zakopane in the mountains in the South.  We had a guided cycle ride around the town to get our bearings and then over the next days visited Schindler's Factory, and Auschwitz to understand better the atrocities that took place 70 years ago.  We also visited the famous Salt Mines where a lot of wall licking took place.  We took part in a Communist Tour where we visited the "perfect" town created by the communists after the war ended.  They loved the rides in the Trabants!  In Zakopane we had a High Ropes session in the mountains and a walk down a river valley to a low level hut for lunch.

The pictures attached are of us in Krakow on a statue, on segways and "granny carts" in Krakow and at High Ropes.


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