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Scoutabout FAQs

How much does Scoutabout Cost?

The cost of the event itself is £32 per Scout/Guide and £12 for Leaders which covers site hire, activity hire and provision, badges, infrastructure etc.  You will need to add the cost of transport and food to the event cost.  

Why does each Troop/Unit have to run an activity?

We buy in some key activities but for the event to be a success, over 4,500 Scouts and Guides need to be entertained.  Scouts/Guides have all sorts of interests and we don’t want them to spend all day queuing for the bigger rides.  The sheer variety and creativity provided by the groups makes Scoutabout an exciting event for the Scouts/Guides and to do that all leaders are asked to help with activities.  In the end it is a matter of logistics.  Troops/Units bringing Scouts/Guides expect them to be entertained and we rely on the leaders to help.  It keeps the costs down and over 200 activities make Scoutabout one of the largest activity camps that Scouts/Guides ever attend.

I don’t have many Scouts/Guides or leaders coming.  Do I still need to run an activity?

Obviously we want there to be as many activities as possible.  If you only have a few Scouts/Guides and have combined with another Troop/Unit to ensure attendance it is usually possible to run one activity between you. This should be agreed with the Scoutabout activities team first.  If you have lots of Scouts/Guides attending, it is expected that an activity will be provided.  It would be worth asking parents and other section leaders for help.

What first aid facilities are available?

Leaders are responsible for the health and happiness of their Scouts/Guides including minor first aid in the same way as other campsites. We have a centralised 1st aid team for more serious accidents/incidents.  

Can I drive onto the site?

Only vehicles with a site access pass will be allowed on site on Friday Evening and Sunday afternoon. Other vehicles will be directed to the car park  

Can parents come on to the site at the end of the event?

Parents will not be invited to enter the site as a part of Safeguarding procedures.  Should a parent need to enter the site, they will be escorted.

Can I swap attendees if one Scout/Guide drops out at the last minute and another one can come in their place?

Yes you can swap attendees on the online booking system. If you need to swap participants on the day, you’ll need to visit the late registrations tent on arrival.

Can leaders bring their children?

It may be necessary for some leaders to being their children because of childcare and they will need to be supervised by the leaders. They will not be permitted on the activities 

Do I have to escort Scouts/Guides around the site?

Leaders are not expected to escort Scouts/Guides around the site.  The Scouts/Guides should buddy up and go around with their friends.  They meet up with their leaders at mealtimes because the leaders are running activities at other times.  Leaders should manage to find time to have a wander around the site and look at activities, pinch ideas, network and see what the Scouts/Guides are doing.

What toilets are available?

Toilets have been bought in and are kept cleaned throughout the weekend by the service teams.  They are positioned around the site and near the camping areas.  There are also some toilet blocks that are already on the site.

How do I claim my expenses?

You fill in a claims form and submit it to the County office and you will be paid by BACS.

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